URAD - for all your leather and vinyl care needs!  URAD increases the suppleness and prevents drying, fading, and cracking of your leather and vinyl products.

URAD is made with all natural products including Lanolin Oil and Carnuba Wax.  URAD does not contain Silicone, Petroleum Distilates or Alcohol.

If used correctly, URAD will be enjoyed by the whole family on cowboy boots (snakeskin, alligator etc), hunt seat boots, shoes, sofas, jackets, white running shoes, and golf shoes, vinyl (dashboards), unfinished wood, saddles and a whole lot more! 

Urad cleans, shines, conditions and protects smooth leathers, vinyl, plastic and rubber. 

Your jar of URAD comes complete with a sponge applicator and plastic safety seal for travelling convenience and to keep the product moist.

CAUTION!  Never use on suede, lambskin, nubuck, buckskin or other soft porous leather!  Click here to order:

Urad - $25.00 (Cdn funds) plus shipping.   

 200 g size (7 oz)

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