Elect Sherry Clemens for Richardson ISD District 2

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Provide academic


Give parents
a voice


Empower great


Practice financial


EARLY VOTING June 6-14 at Richardson Civic Center

Visit here to see a sample ballot and find your polling location.


EARLY VOTING June 6-14 at Richardson Civic Center

Visit here to see a sample ballot and your polling location!


provide an outstanding education for every student.

RISD’s academic performance has been on the decline since 2017. As a public school district, outstanding academics should be our primary goal. We must work to close the achievement gap and improve educational outcomes in all student populations. Together we will work to restore a focus on academics that will grow every student and return Richardson ISD to a district of academic excellence.

partner with parents and teachers.

Families and teachers are the best partners in educating and connecting with every student. Every parent deserves transparency with curriculum and policy decisions. RISD must build trust with parents, teachers, and community partners by making each stakeholder a part of the decision-making process. We will work to make Richardson ISD a place where parents and teachers are partners and work alongside the administration to make Richardson ISD a desirable district for all families and educators.

be financially sound.

Our district must be a good steward of tax dollars to provide RISD children with the very best education possible. This includes making sure every dollar is spent wisely to facilitate our goal of preparing every student for their future. We must work to ensure fiscal accountability and transparency within Richardson ISD.

hire a superintendent focused on providing an exceptional education for all students.

The RISD school board will be making the critical decision of hiring a new leader for our district in 2022. The board must select a superintendent committed to the goals above: one who will partner with parents and teachers, focus on educational outcomes, and commit to financial accountability and transparency. We will work together to hire a superintendent that will utilize the knowledge and skills of all stakeholders to work toward the goal of providing an exceptional education for every student.

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This ensures we have the resources needed on Election Day, May 7, 2022.

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